What is the Mizzou Mock Trial Association?

The competitive undergraduate Mock Trial Association is housed under the University of Missouri School of Law. Members compete throughout the Midwest and across the country in teams performing as attorneys and witnesses for both plaintiff/prosecution and defense sides of a court case provided by the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA).

Mizzou has two teams consisting of seven to eight members. The entire organization has about 16 members who compete against teams from other universities and colleges. To compete in a mock trial round, a team must have three attorneys and three witnesses.

The format of a typical round is as follows:
– Opening statements by plaintiff/prosecution and defense counsel
– Direct examinations of three plaintiff/prosecution witnesses
– Cross examinations of the three plaintiff/prosecution witnesses by defense counsel
– Direct examinations of three defense witnesses
– Cross examinations of defense witnesses by plaintiff/prosecution counsel
– Closing statements (possible rebuttal by plaintiff/prosecution counsel)